Parisian Style: Red Blazer & Striped Breton Shirt

Parisian Style: Red Blazer & Striped Breton Shirt

Do you want a casual, Parisian look that is doable? Adding a blazer on top of a black and white “Breton” style shirt is a fool-proof chic pair. It really is the perfect outfit for all year round. I added a red, boyfriend blazer for a contemporary and seasonal touch. Then tone the look down with a pair of mom jeans. Finish it off pointy flats, a little structured bag and cat eye sunglasses.

Quick European Links

Blazer here or on ASOS (€45), Similar Shirt (€12), Jeans (€21), Flats (€16), Similar Flats (€15), Similar Flats (€16), Bag (€20), Similar Sunglasses (€4)

Quick US Links

Blazer here or on ASOS ($60), Similar Shirt ($12), Jeans ($20), Flats ($19), Similar Flats ($23), Similar Flats ($23), Similar Bag ($10), Similar Bag ($5), Similar Sunglasses ($4)

About the Pieces

Blazer: If you want a blazer with a pop of color, then a true red one is the way to go since it is such a timeless color. You can pair it with virtually any neutral outfit. Opt for a long, boyfriend/dad silhouette which is very modern at the moment. European Links: Blazer here or on ASOS (€45) US Links: Blazer here or on ASOS ($60),

Breton Shirt: You need a classic black and white stripped Breton shirt that has long sleeves. It matches everything and can be worn during practically any season. Almost every store offers one so the options are endless. European Links: Similar Shirt (€12) US Links: Similar Shirt ($12)

Mom Jeans: By now mom jeans have replaced skinny jeans as everyone’s casual go-to. Just make sure to dress up the rest to elevate them and to avoid looking like a plain Jane. These ones are the perfect medium wash, thick cotton and high-waisted. A great quality basic for such an affordable price. European Links: Jeans (€21) US Links: Jeans ($20)

Flats: Pointy flats are a great way to stay chic without compromising comfort. These have a leather look and mini gold heel to further elevate an otherwise basic shoe. They’re also rain-proof (at least from the sides). European Links: Flats (€16), Similar Flats (€15), Similar Flats (€16) US Links: Flats ($19), Similar Flats ($23), Similar Flats ($23)

Bag: Every wardrobe needs a black patent leather bag! It adds more interest than a plain black bag, yet still matches everything and doesn’t completely steal the spotlight. This one from Shein is a great option. It’s great quality for the price and such a simple, structured design which won’t go out of style. European Links: Bag (€20) US Links: Similar Bag ($10), Similar Bag ($5)

Sunglasses: Cat eye sunglasses are such a feminine style that never ages. These are super budget-friendly so you can try out the look for yourself. European Links: Similar Sunglasses (€4) US Links: Similar Sunglasses ($4)


A blazer and Breton shirt is such a casual, Parisian look! ❤ Shop the outfit on the blog! ##parisianstyle ##frenchstyle ##elegantstyle ##classystyle

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