18 Christmas Capsule Wardrobe Pieces That You’ll Wear Year After Year

Get women’s fashion ideas for Christmas capsule wardrobe pieces that you’ll wear year after year. You’ll find everything you need from cute casual Christmas outfits to Christmas party wear. Opt for cozy outfit looks with a stylish red turtleneck sweater dress or a classic Christmas sweater. Have a formal holiday party to get to? You’ll have classy dresses and Christmas skirt outfits to choose from. Scroll down to get inspiration on cute holiday outfits this winter. Most of the items can be found in several of the holiday colors like red, green, burgundy, gold or silver. This Christmas capsule wardrobe is meant to be used in combination with your holiday outwear and accessories, winter capsule wardrobe, year-round capsule wardrobe.

1. Chunky Cable Knit Sweater

The number one timeless piece for your holiday capsule wardrobe is a red chunky cable knit turtleneck sweater. This can be easily paired with your favorite pair of jeans, white pants or winter skirt. If you decide to go for one long enough to be worn as dress (like this one), pair it with thigh high boots for a chic look. If you want a shorter version, try this one here.

2. Red Fitted Turtleneck

This long sleeve turtleneck is another holiday wardrobe classic. It’ll pair well with just about any bottoms but it’ll especially balance out those with a pattern such as plaid. You can choose to have this top in multiple red and green shades.

3. Red Plaid Skirt

A red plaid skirt is a versatile Christmas pattern which would match red, green, white, black, or any other colored top. Whether you decide to go with a skater skirt that is knee-length (like the first picture) or an A-line mini (like the second) depends on your taste. Needless to say, both are fashionable options.

4. Green Stretch Mock Turtleneck

A green top is a must in any Christmas capsule wardrobe. This stretch mock turtleneck is more suitable for slightly warmer temperatures. Its tight fit allows you to combine it with looser-fitting skirts and pants.

5. White Fuzzy Sweater

Everyone needs a fuzzy white sweater for the holidays. It works beautifully with nearly everything in your holiday wardrobe from a solid green skirt to sparkly gold pants (see post on Holiday Party Looks).

6. Stretchy Ribbed Knit Skirt

Speaking of solid green skirts, this one is super flattering when combined with a chunky sweater for that freezing winter climate. Add a tight pair of thigh high heeled boots to complete the look. Stay warm while looking chic.

7. Red Satin Blouse

Regardless of the occasion, a satin button down shirt is always appropriate. The sheen the material gives will add an elegant flare to any outfit without having to put in much thought. Go for a green or darker red shade if you prefer. You can also invest in a higher quality silk blouse like this one.

8. Red High Waisted Pants

High wasted pants are universally flattering since they cinch in the waist to create a more symmetrical hourglass shape. A red pair is mandatory during the holiday season! Pair them with your red chunky sweater, fitted turtleneck or satin blouse for a monochromatic look. They go with everything!

9. Green Sweater Dress

A sweater dress in a holiday color is a Christmas wardrobe staple piece. Go for a more oversized turtleneck sweater like the one above or a more fitted crewneck sweater dress. Either one would look great with a pair of tights and knee high or thigh high boots!

10. Loose Lightweight Turtleneck

A loose lightweight turtleneck is a more casual piece that pairs great with tighter bottoms. Slip it on when you need to be out and about. This version in a dark red shade is timelessly elegant.

11. Red Faux Leather Skirt

When layering in the cold months, it is crucial to play with textures. An A-line faux leather skirt is a great beginner piece while the darker color adds sophistication. Wear this with any sweater like with the one mentioned above.

12. Christmas Patterned Sweater

Any holiday wardrobe requires an “ugly” Christmas sweater. However, an elegant version is more wearable and thus, timeless. Try a sweater with no more than two colors – like red and white in the picture – and stick to a classic pattern. You’ll be able to wear this sweater year after year.

13. Faux Suede A-line Skirt

A faux suede skirt is another way to experiment with textures. This green A-line skirt is a modern classic and universally flattering. Pair it with a white or dark red top to complement the colors. You can find a longer alternative here.

14. Red Plaid Poncho

A red plaid poncho is a classy touch and added layer to any cool day during the holidays. Slip it on indoors or even when you’re travelling by car and want extra warmth but don’t need a proper jacket. You’ll spread the holiday spirit and everyone will get the notice.

15. Pussy Bow Chiffon Blouse

Christmas is all about spreading joy and presents wrapped neatly in little bows. Why not extend this to your wardrobe by adding a blouse with a neck bow tie. The pussy bow is a classic clothing piece and will never go out of style.

16. Red Midi Satin Skirt

A midi satin skirt is a piece that is very versatile. The juxtaposition between delicate satin cloth and a coarse sweater is a modern chic look that just works.

17. Fitted Mock Neck T-Shirt

If you are in the warmer climates, then just go for a mock turtleneck top without the long sleeves. The fitted silhouette is more elegant than a regular t-shirt so you can still take part in the holiday fashion.

18. High Waisted Plaid Pants

Lastly, a green plaid pair of high waisted pants adds a fun print to your predominantly solid color wardrobe. This will go with all of your tops since the pattern is colorful itself. Pair this with elegant sock booties to complete the outfit. A red plaid alternative is available here.

Cover Photo Credits: Tamara Bellis

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