30 Year-Round Capsule Wardrobe Pieces

30 Year-Round Capsule Wardrobe Pieces

Do you want to know which year-round capsule wardrobe pieces are worth your investment? Well, look no further because here you’ll find 30 pieces that you can wear all year long! You’ll get a lot of use out of these items no matter the season – they work perfectly with your winter and spring capsule wardrobes. Capsule wardrobes are the way to go – save yourself the time, money and effort.

1. Black Fitted Long Sleeve

You’ll be wearing this top again and again because it just matches everything, for any occasion, at any temperature.

2. Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are now a wardrobe staple. They are your go-to pair of jeans that look stylish with any top and pair of shoes. They are also so comfortable since they have so much room to move around in. Try a high waisted pair since this tends to be more flattering. Find a more affordable option here.

3. White Button Up

A white button up blouse is a must. It is an easy way to instantly elevate your outfit. You can wear it on its own on hot days, with a blazer in spring or even with a thermal long sleeve underneath during the colder months.

4. Black Carrot Pants

A nice pair of black pants that fit you right are worth investing in. They can be worn for any occasion whether its for everyday, work or brunch with friends. Click here for a more budget-friendly option.

5. Black Flats

Black flats are a must if you want to look elegant but still be comfortable.

6. Black Shopper Tote

A shopper tote is one of those wardrobe essentials. It is big enough to carry whatever you need whenever you need it. You’ll wear this bag to death.

7. Beige Trench Coat 

This jacket just looks so effortlessly chic. Throw it on over anything in your wardrobe from darker to lighter outfits.

8. White T-Shirt 

You really can’t go wrong with a white T-shirt. It is a great casual top that can be paired with smart trousers or as a layering piece. Go for a flattering fit that is a bit tighter on the top and looser on the bottom.

9. Gray Pants

Gray pants are that perfect medium between light and dark pants. You can pair this neutral color with black or white tops or go for a gray top for a sophisticated monotone look.

10. Gray Loose Long Sleeve

This is another casual piece that can be effortlessly paired with jeans if you need to quickly pop out the house but still want to look put together.

11. White Pants / Jeans

White pants may seem intimidating but fear not! You just need to choose a fit that is flattering for you (try a looser pant or jeans) and voila! These pants are an instantly more chic alternative to your average jeans.

12. White Sneakers

White sneakers are perfect for when you need a really comfy shoe but still want the outfit to look fashionable. There is something about an all-white shoe that brightens up any outfit. Try pairing them with gray trousers, although they look great with any type of bottom.

13. Leather Jacket

It is so easy to add a leather jacket to any outfit for an edgy, yet timeless touch.

14. Black Backpack

You’ll need a backpack for those active days when you’re on the go and need your hands to be free. Try a structured shape for a classy take.

15.  Long Boyfriend Blazer

A long boyfriend blazer is such an easy way to elevate any look – even a casual T-shirt and jeans. The boyfriend version is more modern and the longer length is flattering.

16. Black Half Sleeve T-Shirt

The longer sleeves and mock neck elevate the classic T-shirt so that it can even be worn to more formal occasions. Pair this with a blazer. This combo is stylish, simple and timeless.

17. Skinny Jeans

Why not finish off the look with a more fitted pair of jeans? A skinny pant is the perfect balance to a looser top. They are the perfect pant for your riding and over knee boots. Go for a high waist to keep everything tucked in. But if you don’t like such a tight pant, try straight leg jeans instead.

18. Black Blouse 

Basically, you’ll need a black and a white version of every basic top for your capsule wardrobe. That way it is extremely easy to mix and match. A black version will be your other go-to blouse.

19. Black Wide Leg Trousers

Combine the black blouse with a pair of black high waisted pants with a long, wide leg. This is an ultra chic combo that will never go out of style. You can find a shorter alternative here.

20. Black Pumps

Finish off your business savy outfits with a pair of black pointed toe heels. Pumps are a timeless classic that go with any outfit. Try a block heel for more wearable everyday comfort.

21. Black Structured Bag

A structured bag should is the definition of elegance and it should be in every woman’s (or man’s) wardrobe. The shape withstands the test of time so that it will never look flabby. Tip: Get one that fits your laptop and all the stuff you would need for work, university or school.

22. Light Camel Sweater

A light sweater is that essential versatile piece that can be worn when the temperatures are neither too warm nor too cold. You’ll need something that is right in the middle. Try one in camel to match your spring and fall color palettes.

23. Black Midi Skirt

Pair a light sweater with a satin midi skirt like the one above for a modern chic look. It is a perfect transition outfit between the warmer and colder months.

24. Black Crossbody Bag

A structured black crossbody will be your grab bag for whenever you just need to bring your essentials. It looks great with everything from jackets in the winter to dresses in the summer. This will probably be one of your most worn bags so it is worth investing in one that is sturdy so that is lasts.

25. Little Black Dress

A little black dress is a wardrobe classic for a reason. This is always an easy outfit choice when you feel like you have nothing to wear. Get one with long sleeves so that you can wear it in the summer with sandals or in the winter with tights.

26. Fitted White Long Sleeve

Again, it never hurts to go for an all-white long sleeve shirt for those times when you need a bit of warmth but want to brighten up the outfit. This ribbed high neck option is especially elegant.

27. Beige Pants

You can never go wrong with beige pants. Of course they look great with lighter colors for the spring (like the white shirt above), but beige also looks sophisticated paired with black. Try this paperbag version to cinch in the waist.

28. Nude Flats 

Finish off the white and beige look with a nude pair of flats. These shiny patent ones are especially chic and will match any oufit – even an otherwise all-black outfit.

29. Nude Bag

Of course there is nothing more fashionable than matching your bag to your shoes. A structured nude bag is a great alternative to a black bag when you need something to keep the color palette light.

30. Black Cardigan

Lastly, a black cardigan is a necessary layering piece and adds a casual chic element. Go for a slim, long, straight cut for an elongated effect. This cardigan would look great over anything.

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