New Year’s Eve Outfit: Black Sequin Shift Dress

New Year's Eve Outfit: Black Sequin Shift Dress

Happy New Year! ???? May you work towards your goals this year as well as reflect on what you have already achieved and appreciate what you have. ???? Of course a black sequin dress is a go-to elegant look for this occasion! ???? Pairing a shorter dress with black opaque tights and matt black pointy pumps gives the optical illusion of elongating your legs. Here I opted for a long sleeve shift dress but honestly the options are endless. Opt for shorter sleeves if you live in a warmer climate or go for a wrap or looser dress or different neckline or length if it’s more flattering for your shape. Of course a rule of thumb is, the tighter and the more skin you show, the more seductive it is. I personally think higher necklines, longer lengths, looser fits and more opaque tights are the most appropriate and comfortable for any festive occasion. Besides you can wear a dress like this time and time again for multiple occasions.

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Dress (Sale €23 – worn backwards), Similar Dress (€45), Tights (€3), Heels (€17)

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Personally I am proud that I worked hard towards my ultimate feat – successfully obtaining double master’s degrees in MA International Management Studies as well as MSc Business, Language & Culture. ????‍???? I can’t wait for which challenges I’ll choose for the future! My golden tip, never give up! ???? Because the fastest way to succeed is slowly. Remember, a little progress is better than no progress.

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If you want to know the styling guidelines that I follow for every outfit, check out my elegant fashion guides: How to Always Look Elegant, Clothes That Look Cheap, How to Look Expensive on a Budget & The Biggest Fashion Mistakes.

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