Light Purple Suit Outfit

Light Purple Suit Outfit

Spring is upon us and what is a better way to celebrate the world waking up than a breath of fresh color? I love a good matching set and this light purple suit is so refreshing! It has a loose, long cut so it’s nice and comfortable and you can still wear warmer layers underneath (it’s still early spring). I added a white light v-neck sweater and clean white sneakers underneath for what could be considered a colourful casual look. 😉 The best part is that you have pieces you can wear separately! So if you’re feeling that the suit is too bold, why not just wear the blazer or pants with white/beige pieces? I know I will!

Do you want to to know where to get the affordable clothing that I’m wearing? Just comment below or message me per email / Instagram and I’ll link it or similar pieces. Don’t forget to mention the specific country you’re in so I can send you the right links. Happy shopping! 🙂

If you want to know the styling guidelines that I follow for every outfit, check out my elegant fashion guides: How to Always Look Elegant, Clothes That Look Cheap, How to Look Expensive on a Budget & The Biggest Fashion Mistakes.

“I believe that elegance is versatile, timeless and attainable no matter your budget, age, personal style or the occasion. I want to give you wearable outfit inspiration so that you get the most use out of your wardrobe without wasting time, money and effort.”
Britta Amber
Double Business Master’s Degree

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