How to Shop a Classy Spring / Summer Capsule Wardrobe

how to shop a classy spring summer capsule wardrobe
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How to Shop a Classy Spring / Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Do you want to know how to shop a classy spring and summer capsule wardrobe so that you have chic outfits without even trying? Well look no further. Theses pieces are elegant, affordable, shoppable, universally flattering and match absolutely everything. The aim is to fill your closet with these basics that will match absolutely everything. What else could you want?

You can shop a classy spring and summer capsule wardrobe by buying classic pieces in neutral colors like black and white. Pair opaque tops with thick straps and button ups with high waisted pants and shorts. Opt for flattering and timeless wrap skirts and shirt dresses at knee, midi and maxi lengths.


1. Sleeveless Tops 

When the temperatures increase, you can still look elegant with sleeveless tops with thick straps that cover your bra straps. You’ll need classic tanks and button ups in both black and white.

  • white tank top
  • black tank top
  • white button up shirt
  • black button up shirt

2. Short Sleeve Tops

T-shirts are a classic that you need in your spring / summer capsule wardrobe. You can either go for a more casual cotton or fancier chiffon material depending on your preference.

  • white T-shirt
  • black T-shirt
  • gray T-shirt

3. Blouses

You’ll need a variety of blouses and button ups to match any one of your outfits. Neutrals and classic patterns like a blue and white striped shirt match everything and won’t go out of style. A linen shirt is great on hot days.

  • white linen shirt 
  • white button up
  • black blouse
  • blue & white striped button up
  • classic pattern blouse (houndstooth, etc.)

4. Long Sleeve Shirts

Long sleeve shirts are another great staple. There are numerous classy, high necklines you can choose from, like crewneck, v-neck, mock neck, etc., as well as looser or tighter fits depending on what you prefer.

  • black long sleeve
  • white long sleeve
  • gray long sleeve
  • beige/camel long sleeve
  • black & white striped long sleeve

5. Lightweight Sweaters

Depending on where you live, you might still have chilly nights or days during the warmer months. A lightweight sweater is a great layering and transition piece for your spring / summer capsule wardrobe.

  • black lightweight sweater
  • white lightweight sweater
  • beige/camel lightweight sweater

High Waisted Bottoms

6. Shorts

A pair of black and white shorts are a must. They look the most chic and classy when they’re high waisted, loose around the thighs and long enough.

  • black shorts
  • white shorts

7. Jeans

Having a few pairs of jeans in a variety of styles (and colors) will help you to always have something to wear for those super casual warm days.

  • blue mom jeans
  • white mom / straight leg jeans
  • blue straight leg jeans
  • blue skinny jeans

8. Carrot Pants

Carrot pants, especially high waisted, are just the most elegant and flattering style of pants to wear. They’re also super comfy. That’s why you’ll need them in all of the neutral colors.

  • black carrot pants
  • white carrot pants
  • beige carrot pants
  • gray carrot pants

9. Wide Leg Pants

Wide leg pants are another great, universal type of pants that everyone needs in their capsule wardrobe. They look even better with a crease in the front. 

  • black wide leg pants
  • white wide leg pants

10. Skirts

You’ll need different types of skirts to go with any occasion. Of course you can change up the colors to match your personal palette, but black is the most flattering, universal and matches everything 

  • black A-line / pencil skirt
  • black midi skirt (wrap)
  • black maxi skirt
  • black leather skirt

11. Dresses

Spring and summer are the perfect times for beautiful, elegant dresses. Wrap and shirt dresses that are midi / knee-length tend to be most versatile for your little black / white dresses, while floral and neutral maxi dresses are timelessly chic.

  • black versatile dress (LBD)
  • white versatile dress (LWD)
  • classic floral dress
  • black maxi dress

12. Layers 

Layers are practical and add an extra, classy touch when done right. Long pieces like loose blazers, cardigans and ponchos instantly elevate any outfit.

  • casual black blazer
  • long gray cardigan
  • long black cardigan
  • beige poncho (or neutral-toned)

13. Jackets

There is nothing that a trench coat or leather jacket won’t match in your entire capsule wardrobe time and time again. ‘Nuff said.

  • beige trench coat
  • black leather jacket


14. Flats

You’ll need plenty of minimalistic sandals (the less straps, the better), pointy toed flats and loafers for your spring / summer capsule wardrobe. Get each in nude (in your skin tone) and black as well as white sneakers, and you’ll absolutely be able to pair anything (pun intended).

  • black sandals
  • nude/tan sandals
  • white sneakers
  • black pointed toe flats
  • nude pointed toe flats
  • black (mule) loafers

15. Heels

All you’ll need is black and nude (in your skin tone) when it comes to your heels too. Opt for block heels, which are the most wearable, but of course you can go for thinner heels if you dare.

  • short, black strappy heels
  • short, nude strappy heels
  • black pumps
  • nude pumps
  • high black strappy heels

Cover Photo Credits: Alex Shaw

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