Beige Sweater and Cream Pants Outfit with Silk Headscarf

Beige Sweater and Cream Pants Outfit

Can’t you imagine picking lemons in a Sicilian grove in this? I love the silk headscarf and cat eye sunglasses combo which is such an instant retro, glamorous touch to a fairly simple outfit. Fun fact, this beautiful scarf was actually made and bought in Sicily, where my great grandparents came from before they emigrated to New York in the early 20th century. Besides, it protects your hair from flying around in your convertible (such an old Hollywood cliché) or, if you’re like me, live in a windy city. Here I paired cream pants with a thin beige sweater, camel loafers, a sand-colored structured bag and a scarf that ties in all the colors. Don’t forget your timeless cat eye sunglasses! ???? (Scroll down to read more!)

Beige Sweater and Cream Pants Outfit

Cream pants like these from NA-KD (hopefully will come back in stock again soon – USA, UK, Germany) are my all-time favorites at the moment since they look super chic with any top, and are long and loose enough to be worn at home (I got a second pair for going out ;)). Look out for a straight or tapered cut that hits you at the ankle which may take some time getting used to. But now I can’t imagine how I came this far without that type of pant style since they are the most practical (not too look, not too short)! I‘m a tall girl (175 cm / 5 ft 8) and so I don’t always want pants that turn into capris when I sit down. Don’t get me wrong, cropped pants look super chic and can really draw attention to your sock booties or loafers but it’s super important to have a variety of pants with different lengths and cuts. Add a white wool cool to finish off the light-toned look!

Do you want to to know where to get the affordable clothing that I’m wearing? Just comment below or message me per email, Instagram or Pinterest and I’ll link it or similar pieces. Don’t forget to mention the specific country you’re in so I can send you the right links. Happy shopping! 🙂

If you want to know the styling guidelines that I follow for every outfit, check out my elegant fashion guides: How to Always Look Elegant, Clothes That Look Cheap, How to Look Expensive on a Budget & The Biggest Fashion Mistakes.

“I believe that elegance is versatile, timeless and attainable no matter your budget, age, personal style or the occasion. I want to give you wearable outfit inspiration so that you get the most use out of your wardrobe without wasting time, money and effort.”
Britta Amber
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